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At Giador, we are stepping back in time to the idea that what we spend our hard-earned dollar on should be a personal reflection- a treasure to hold for a lifetime.  A piece with such beauty and class it stands the test of time and thrives through changing styles spanning over generations.

We are full service private jewelry brokers providing the very best custom experience for every client’s needs.  Greeted by our rustic but soulful showroom, reflecting our love for the “old but good” and “beautifully unexpected”; who we are is written on the walls. We welcome you in to sit, visit, and allow us to light your fire with the possibility of beautiful baubles crafted and procured just for you being within reach. We invite and nurture each client to find their inner glitzy Marilyn Monroe, classic Liz or understated stunner….Audrey. Be exactly who you are and let everything you do and wear perfectly represent you.

With a heart for our clients, a passion for finely crafted  jewels new and old, an attitude of gratitude for each person we serve and the respect of offering the most fair and generous price..we are a real live modern day mom and pop style shop!

                                                   Come share in the special secret that is Giador Fine Jewelry…