It Ain’t Perfect, but It’s Us!

Meet Karla and Brad Lewis…..DSCN2307                                                     Our paths crossed just under a year ago.

I was sitting at the shop, most likely with my feet tucked up in the chair, working furiously with no expectation of visitors.  As alot of you have experienced, it has been determined that my business is not the “walk in and browse” kind….rather the “come right in.  Lets go have a seat on the ‘comfy couch’, catch up and see what you are looking for and what new goodies I have to show and tell”.  So in true fashion, I had no jewelry in the showcases when Brad and Karla popped their head in to see if I was open.  We struck up conversation quickly, as they are both never short of plenty to say ;-).  I told them I hadn’t put anything out but would love to show off my beauties.  I pulled them out piece by piece as both Karla AND Brad ooo’d and awe’d (rare for the male species).  We talked about their history, era, and gushed.  This is usually where I expect to thank folks and send them off with visions of edwardian and victorian pieces dancing in their heads.  You can imagine my confusion when Brad posed his infamous and now familiar question of “how much?”

FAST FORWARD……… Now a strong collector of Giador’s estate side and on the hunt for the first and “new to them” bling ring for Miss Karla, they made their way back to Nashville from Ohio to visit their little secret shops they love so much.  While Karla was shopping, Brad stopped in and we looked at the newest babies in my collection, stopping on the piece that would soon find its meant to be perch, where it would be loved and adored for another many years to come.  The following day both Brad and Karla returned. He asked her what she thought of the gorgeous 1920’s ring glistening in the showcase…..”I LOVE it”.  Unbeknownst to both myself and karla…..that was all he needed.  From the modest start of two 18 year old kids, to the hard earned comfortable ground where they now stood…Brad was on his knee, for the first time, asking if she would say yes again.

From tears and a delicate sweet moment to Brad struggling to stand from his kneeled position straight into beautiful laughs…this was magic! It wasn’t about making a sale it was about making a moment that will literally be passed down with the piece that represents it.

I pray for fewer divorces and MORE love…like this….DSCN2308

It started in Kindergarten, they were homecoming king and queen, and they shared her books in college because Brad was too cheap to buy his own.  He was so nervous her forgot to get on his knee, at 18, when he asked the question that changed them both forever.  25 years later 2 boys, 2 successful businesses with faith and love at the throne; they spoil one another and aren’t afraid to tell one another straight.  Falling out of love was never an option.  “It ain’t perfect, but it’s us”

Thank you Brad and Karla for blessing me with the moment.

Thank you all for letting me fulfill a part of my “purpose”.

then and now

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