“do it”

This morning I woke beside my husband and my two precious fur babies, all cuddled in tight. I made the trek downstairs, where my phone now sleeps because it is muy importante to shut down, shut off, and let it lie (lesson learned after years of not knowing just how much anxiety those devices yield). I had missed a text from a friend, Giador fan and representative, Katie Anthony. I will spare you all the details but it was the brilliant words of a self made (but really we all know its really a God-made) millionaire man, Art Williams. Titled “do it”, I listened as he emphatically shared his passion for what got him and still keeps him at the top
1. Get excited
2. Become a dreamer, AGAIN!
3. You have to have a product that people want to buy
4. You have to know how to market that product.
5. STAND FOR SOMETHING- Moral and ethical unbreakable exceptional standard
6. Find your own unique offering, what sets you apart.
“They aint nobody ever designed a test or will design a test that can measure the heart of a man or woman. The things that are unique to winning in business in America today aren’t about IQ tests, it’s about a college degree on a piece of paper, whether you’re born rich or born poor, the key to winning is what’s inside a person; its your integrity, its your people abilities, your character and heart. There’s nothing you can’t do in America if you want to bad enough.”

WOAH……..(view whole speech here

I can’t tell you how proud we are, that at the end of the day, we were founded and are unwavering on these very points and because of that a month ago Giador was able to put on her big girl panties and take a giant step forward and into her very first OWNED space and the very last place she will ever call “home”. After many changes in Edgehill Village, like much of Nashville, being bought up and “changed to fit the new Nashville”, we were forced to make a move… Isn’t it funny how God shows up in those situations?  What seemed like a sad forced decision to move, actually changed our perspective from paying someone else’s mortgage to paying our own AND took us to the only place that felt right for who and what we are, the ever quaint city of Berry Hill. Sooooo, we stretched and worried and planned and prayed. We sweat, we bled, ripped out floors, tore down walls, dealt with less than upright builders, cried….ALOT…gutted through and here I am…. just over a month since we got the key (not finished but close enough), writing to you from my brand new office and occasionally looking out the window on our sweet little dogwood place. WE DID IT!!!!! Thanks to my husband and partner in life……he got us here and kept me going when it felt harder than it should and reminded me there was nothing we couldn’t do if we wanted it bad enough!

We have plenty of parking spaces, pull right up and choose a spot. We have warmth and kindness and a space that we can continue offering our exceptional service. We cannot wait for each and every one of you to come bless Giador’s forever home, 2815 Dogwood Place Nashville, TN 37204. Open house coming soon, but til then….heres a peek. Thank you thank you for being a part of our journey…you are all a very special and unique part of ours! Art has it figured out and somehow, by the grace of an incredible God and being raised right by street smart parents…..WE DO TOO!!!!

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Sincerely, I flatter you….

We all know the old tried and true saying…”imitation is the sincerest form of flattery”.  Today’s estate find confirms our second old adage, “the proof is in the pudding”!  As I hunt for inspiration under all kind of varying rocks, I find that I am quite obsessed with a not so new design of ring, necklace, earring…today, in particular, we discuss the bezel set ring.

Simple, clean, modern lines and an incredible playing field for mixing in quirky, classic, edgy bands of all kinds.  The low bezel set engagement ring must appeal to my love affair with mid century modern.  Boasting incredibly innovative and edgy design with such simple packaging is a breath of fresh air to the modern take on jewelry……bedazzled, covered (I would use the word “dripping” but it sounds too pretty and decadent for the catastrophe that is modern jewelry) in tiny heavily included mucky diamonds around every nook and cranny of an icky imagination lacking design.  Don’t get me wrong, I love bling….and halo’s and pave shanks have their place.  It seems though, lately, it’s more the “what I lack in style, I make up in…….bling” approach is being eaten up with a side of ranch dressing.  Even Tiffany, a pioneer in simple clean line jewelry with style and class, has added double and triple halos around a tiny chicklet center stone so beer budgets can indulge in a glass of stella artois.

THERE IS REDEMPTION!!!!!!!  THERE IS HOPE!!!  This is the exact reason I found my passion for jewelry lying among the rubble of dirty old estate pieces, just waiting for a shine!!!!

Lately, as I dig, I often find bezels to be a nice little surprise here and there and while they are called “modern” they are far from it.

They are a vintage beauty with modern appeal….no reinventing the wheel here.  However, with something so great, who says it needs reinventing?  Kudos bezel…you did it….you were gorgeous and unique then and still turning heads now!

Enjoy this gorgeous 1910’s old mine cut bezel set stone with a killer inner scalloped head and filigree on the side.

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Everyone loves that perfect sweater, pair of boots, staple piece of jewelry… know, the one that you slide into and feel like you.  The one that tells all your secrets to anyone pilfering through your closet.  So what if you AREN’T a “diamond girl”??!!!!


What if you are the owner of a quaint little gem of a jewelry shop AND you aren’t a diamond girl???????  Well then I guess that makes you, well….you!

I remember when I finally dug through the antique potato chip bucket (most of you have no idea what I am talking about, but yes…..potato chips used to come in a large kentucky fried chicken bucket with a lid!!!!) of antique costume and silver jewelry from my great grandparents.  I had dug through it many times throughout my snoopy childhood but this time, at 20, it was different.  I fell in love. photo I saw myself in two small bangles…one- simple thin, half round with gorgeous native etchings… favorite-the gorgeous dark green and brown turquoise piece situated atop the tapered hand engraved bangle.  I later added another simple pattern locking bangle for the perfect 3.  Come rain or shine… see me in them, they go with everything because they go with me.  Just like the petite diamond cross first gifted by my mom and dad on my 18th Christmas and the new organic east to west cross.

What’s the point?  Well……who says diamonds are a girls best friend?  Maybe you like quartz or sapphire!  Who says white gold or platinum is classic?  Gold, rose gold, black gold….whatever you wear is perfect!  So today, we invite you to rethink your opinion of diamond bracelets, as we put our spin on an everyday relatable and affordable “spoil yourself” option!

Today’s feature is a 14kt yellow gold brushed bangle with pave set round diamonds.  Wear it by itself or with your favorite watch or silver bangle.  It’s perfectly delicate and feels so good.  DSCN2965

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Love + Marriage

It’s nothing new to most of you, the “Push present”…well our labor of love the past 2 weeks has been to help brand new daddy with a gift that was kind, thoughtful and representative of the moment…not just another piece of jewelry “because you are supposed to”.


We started with a delicate cable chain so that it could disappear in the background of the three stones, a rich red mozambique garnet for baby lovingly cuddled by a diamond on each side, representing both mommy and daddy.  We hand carved a free form seat to gently drop the stones into and allowed a very thin mock bezel to mostly hold the stones in place, leaving the metal worn and satined for natural age.  Gently fastened the chain to a tiny bail on either side of the pendant to allow for the perfect seamless piece.  This piece was handcrafted with careful consideration for each detail to be timeless and lived in; and gifted with love.  We enjoyed every single moment, and love the legacy our footprints leave behind.  If you are going to gift, gift thoughtfully and whole heartedly.  Oh, and come to us!!!!!  😉

Congratulations Chad and Wendy Wilhelm, and welcome to the world baby Oakes!  Thank you for letting us be a part of your incredible journey.  Blessings over your new family and a little extra sleep too 🙂


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I’d rather be a dreamer

Well……I am sitting in the shop today preparing for the Christmas season and gearing up to make sure that we have plenty of thoughtful timeless baubles to fill stockings and boxes with little red bows.  I have been so grateful…really, I thank God every day that I have the know how, care, and kind folks to share my gifts with.  I thank him for how my path ended up landing me in the middle of what can only be described as divine.

My dear sweet friend Natalie Hemby, whom I was blessed to have my first cut (Dont Rush Kelly Clarkson and Vince Gill) and whom you know as the talented writer of the songs you love to sing to….White Liar, Pontoon, Tornado, Drinks after work…..just to start, asked me to be her date to the fabulous BMI awards. What could a girl do but get dolled up (thank you to Kyah Hillis for loaning me a dress after my last minute shopping frenzy turned up nothing, not even a gunny sack)?  We made our way through a room decorated by your favorite country artists, songwriters, label heads, publishers. I met so many sweet people who were Giador fans from afar, having admired their friends pieces long before our encounter, and was blessed.  I watched my friend get her well deserved awards, visited and made new friends, and hugged old pals that welcomed me into this exclusive and elusive industry over 10 years ago, and was blessed.  THEN IT HAPPENED…………..I saw him from across the room, black stetson, smile for days, and all I could say was …..”Natalie, I am really sorry but I am definitely going to embarrass you tonight when I tackle my love from the age of 7……..GEORGE STRAIT!!!!!”  What does this have to do with jewelry?????????  Absolutely nothing and EVERYTHING at the same time.  My deep seeded love for the king of country took away all reason carried me across the room to my sweet George, I half expected to get stopped by an entourage as he was just within reach.  I crouched down and put my hand on his shoulder……………I told him how he was my first “fan” experience, my first concert, the soundtrack to my hours of coloring in my room and my karaoke as I sang every word to every song playing from the grey tape player I got for Christmas.  I thanked him, how does that even seem appropriate, and yet I did…I thanked him for all he has done for so long.  I thanked him for singing the songs that made me stop and admire them line by line.  I told him I had been blessed by my first cut this year…..and how surreal it was to be right where I was sitting crouched at the feet of the man that made me sing along……and I….WAS…..BLESSED!!!!

My thoughts at the end of the night, were very simple…….”I wonder if these people know just how blessed they are to be a part of the magic that is music?”.  What does it have to do with jewelry, the bauble room?  From My first talent show standing on a stage singing My Favorite Things to a little shop in Edgehill Village……..I am blessed to have it all……the business that keeps me humble, moving, caring, creating, dreaming……the music that keeps me young, sparkly, hungry, inspired, dreaming!  I am not one or the other…..I am many things and I am blessed just to be.  Thank you, all of you that let me share my songs, my jewels, my stories, my story and fingerprints.  It is me…..Giador….Music….

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Go Native

photo-1When people look at me, they rarely say to themselves…..”I bet she sells high end jewelry”.  They don’t prey on me and plan out their robbery attempt as they watch the often disheveled girl in workout clothes (yes I am guilty) or on a good day patterned skinnies with my favorite open back nude suede zip boot.  No, no….I am not dripping with diamonds, nor constantly talking about the fancy shmancy world that somehow my world part time revolves around.  Still yet……I am a huge lover and fan of jewelry.  Most days you will see me sporting my delicate eternity cross chain, a plain thin antiqued satin wedding band OR on a good day the big baby that is a wall of rose cuts and mine cuts, and MOST days with MOST outfits you will find dangling from my wrist my favorite baubles, my great grandmothers sterling silver hand engraved bangles and the perfect turquoise cuff.  I remember finding them, after having seen them many times in past but lacking the knowledge to appreciate and adore, in an old potato chip decanter full of old costume pieces.  I haven’t taken them off since that day.  Why am I telling you this???  Because I have scored some of the most fantastic antique extraordinary quality signed zuni and navajo turquoise and silver cuffs, rings, bolos, necklaces, and a belt buckle!

I tell clients that I am the dreamer’s jeweler….I am creating a brand that nurtures and teaches a love for all things finely made….not all things covered in diamonds or all things costly.  I want to offer each client my passion, authentic excitable, ever growing passion!!!! Fall in love with jewelry.

Please enjoy the slideshow below showcasing my favorites of the pieces we have for adoption right now.  Please feel free to share this blog with your friends.  I desperately want all of these pieces to go to kind, cool, grateful homes 😉

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There Once was a Boy

who fell in love with a girl, Natalia was her name.

They giggled and laughed and frolicked and played and knew with no one else would it ever be the same.

a little girl dreams of white dresses and rings

a little boy turns into a man

from his mother to him made new again

she said yes, and so it began……..

The story of a boy who lost his mother at a very young age and allowed us to help him carry on a piece of the love his father shared with her.  its not the diamonds and gold that hold the meaning, it is the love and memories behind them.

We used the gold and diamonds from the yellow gold pieces pictured beside new oval engagement ring and made her matching band and his gold band from the melted down metals.

We used the gold and diamonds from the yellow gold pieces pictured beside new oval engagement ring and made her matching band and his gold band from the melted down metals. Giving each piece the blessing of the very precious metals and diamonds that were used to relay the love his parents shared.  True heirlooms.

Many thanks and blessings, for letting us bring meaning to your jewelry.

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People Say!

774205_10151937705792788_604978383_oand the rumors are true…….Brantley Gilbert did indeed come to Giador to help him put the perfect ring on his bride, Jana Kramer’s, finger!  Don’t let the massive center stone fool you……Brantley was careful to offer up the best of quality, classic appeal, and elegant simplicity in the intricately set french pave eternity style setting her over 4ct. center stone perches on.  We wish both Jana and Brantley all the happiness in the world.

We are grateful for every single person that we are blessed to call “client”.  Doesn’t matter Screen shot 2013-01-21 at 3.21.19 PMwho you are here……if you are good to us, we will bend over backwards for you.

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It Ain’t Perfect, but It’s Us!

Meet Karla and Brad Lewis…..DSCN2307                                                     Our paths crossed just under a year ago.

I was sitting at the shop, most likely with my feet tucked up in the chair, working furiously with no expectation of visitors.  As alot of you have experienced, it has been determined that my business is not the “walk in and browse” kind….rather the “come right in.  Lets go have a seat on the ‘comfy couch’, catch up and see what you are looking for and what new goodies I have to show and tell”.  So in true fashion, I had no jewelry in the showcases when Brad and Karla popped their head in to see if I was open.  We struck up conversation quickly, as they are both never short of plenty to say ;-).  I told them I hadn’t put anything out but would love to show off my beauties.  I pulled them out piece by piece as both Karla AND Brad ooo’d and awe’d (rare for the male species).  We talked about their history, era, and gushed.  This is usually where I expect to thank folks and send them off with visions of edwardian and victorian pieces dancing in their heads.  You can imagine my confusion when Brad posed his infamous and now familiar question of “how much?”

FAST FORWARD……… Now a strong collector of Giador’s estate side and on the hunt for the first and “new to them” bling ring for Miss Karla, they made their way back to Nashville from Ohio to visit their little secret shops they love so much.  While Karla was shopping, Brad stopped in and we looked at the newest babies in my collection, stopping on the piece that would soon find its meant to be perch, where it would be loved and adored for another many years to come.  The following day both Brad and Karla returned. He asked her what she thought of the gorgeous 1920’s ring glistening in the showcase…..”I LOVE it”.  Unbeknownst to both myself and karla…..that was all he needed.  From the modest start of two 18 year old kids, to the hard earned comfortable ground where they now stood…Brad was on his knee, for the first time, asking if she would say yes again.

From tears and a delicate sweet moment to Brad struggling to stand from his kneeled position straight into beautiful laughs…this was magic! It wasn’t about making a sale it was about making a moment that will literally be passed down with the piece that represents it.

I pray for fewer divorces and MORE love…like this….DSCN2308

It started in Kindergarten, they were homecoming king and queen, and they shared her books in college because Brad was too cheap to buy his own.  He was so nervous her forgot to get on his knee, at 18, when he asked the question that changed them both forever.  25 years later 2 boys, 2 successful businesses with faith and love at the throne; they spoil one another and aren’t afraid to tell one another straight.  Falling out of love was never an option.  “It ain’t perfect, but it’s us”

Thank you Brad and Karla for blessing me with the moment.

Thank you all for letting me fulfill a part of my “purpose”.

then and now

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I’m in the mood for LOVE

Well well, I cannot lie….I put my Christmas tree up before Thanksgiving, DONT HATE!  There is something so special and addicting to me about the Christmas season.  Perhaps it’s because of the many traditions instilled from a childhood likened to leave it to beaver.  Whatever planted the seed and watered it, I am grateful for the magic I get to dance around in for 2 short but glorious months.  What does that have to do with the tea in china or the tiny sweet baby Jesus in a manger????  Christmas brings about a season of assessment, a taking of inventory of one’s entire life.  Which leads many people to my cute little shop.  We see more Love and Hope and are inspired to act.  I had the glorious blessing of helping 2 clients this month.  Two very special clients whom were also enchanted by the planting of the seed of tradition and family.

Meet, CT and Wendy….  

This beautiful couple came to me a few months earlier to discuss the task of taking a gorgeous 3 carat family diamond, and setting it in a home that would appropriately reflect Wendy’s genuine, sweet, elegant and demure nature.

Vintage inspired filigree and diamond setting for clients heirloom diamond

CT excitedly picked up is custom baby on Tuesday, just one day prior to hitting the road for Thanksgiving and to surprise his precious Wendy.  Among family, including the very grandmother that had passed down the heirloom diamond, she excitedly said yes!

Meet Travis and Rebekah

Travis came to me with his grandmother’s three stone ring.  He wanted the ring to be reflective of Rebekah, classic with edge, while incorporating and laying a foundation of tradition and family.  We took the best of both worlds….we married classic and maintained the vintage side from where the ring came from and to represent Rebekah’s edgy side!  I couldn’t be more thrilled!  Such a blessing to be a part of more than just a ring….we’s makin jewelry with soul!

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