Minor face lift and WE ARE BACK


Hellllo and welcome to the constantly improving Giador Fine Jewelry, a little shop located in the heart of Nashville’s own little neighborhood gem, Edgehill Village.  We specialize in all things fine including old, new, custom, blue, and everything in between.  We joined forces and share the space with JA Roth Estate Buyers, offering you a one stop shop to buy, sell, trade, or rework your old and new baubles.  John, owner of JA Roth Estate Buyers, has been earning the respect of the jewelry industry as well as his clients for over 20 years and is my own personal learning tool.  With his approachable demeanor and laid back tone, you can’t help but feel comfortable passing down your prized jewels to him.

The vibe of the shop fits right along with our simple and relatable buying guide backed by layers of class and personal love for the art of expressing your inward appearance in all you do: jewelry, decor, style!  So next time you are out and about beebop into Edgehill Village then follow the nostalgia of vinyl tunes into our bauble room!  We welcome new people to play show-and- tell with our incredible one of a kind finds!

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A lady never shouts…..she is just above a slight whisper

and this understated1920’s platinum setting hand crafted by  Spalding, made famous by their high end silver serveware and flatware as well as grandfather clocks, says it all gently demanding attention! With an elegant old european cut center stone (I color, VVS1 clarity) lovingly wrapped in diamond set prongs at north south east and west. This ring also has another .15cts in old cut stones delicately arranged on the platinum knife edge band
This ring recently went to a loving and deserving home. – SOLD
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TO KILL FOR……seriously. Some would!

This stunning and whimsical ring is few and far between, comprised of a hand carved floral filigree setting from the early 1920’s set in platinum with an approx 2.34ct european cut center stone, J color SI2 clarity- Women have killed for less…

Client price – $21,000.00

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toss and a’turnin all night

“The mind of the superior man is conversant with righteousness; the mind of the mean man is conversant with gain.”

“There is one and only one responsibility of business-to use its resources and engage in activities designed to increase its profits so long as it stays within the rules of the game.”

The ability to close a deal or make the sale DOES NOT make a great businessman when all means of manipulation, coercion, and steamrolling are the tools by which it was achieved.   Who we are in business is at depth who we are as people.  I could not lay my head down and sleep had I knowingly manipulated a friend, shouldn’t it be the same with a trusting client or associate?  I am of an old school way of thinking… it goes……build a business on ethics, be smart and diligent and treat EVERYONE honestly and carefully because you are blessed to even have the opportunity.  We are so wrapped up in the ideal that closing a deal with any and all means necessary deems success…….that, my friends, is the demise of businesses everywhere.

During one of the greatest economic downturns our country has seen,  I sat back in my office that I rented for 750.00 and worked just a little bit harder to keep the phones ringing and clients coming in the door; while several large name jewelry stores closed their doors.  I didn’t pinch more money out of clients, or use less than ethical means of getting the deal….I simply worked harder, worked closer, spent nothing and provided what we all really want: to be treated with genuine care while providing a superior product.  Quite a novel idea huh?  So here it is……live stronger, be more kind, talk straighter, sleep better and let who you are in all manners of living be reflected righteously! dig?

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Sing me back to times of old……platinum, ruby, diamonds, gold!

Platinum and diamond Edwardian pendant from the early 1900’s, set on original 26″ diamonds by the yard chain with diamond accented pendant set with over 7cts.  of old cut diamonds.
client cost- $31,200.00….

We can’t all afford it, but we can all adore it!

Fancy intense yellow oval shaped diamond in an 18kt floral setting. Total caret weight 4.63. WOWEE!

client cost- $36,000.00

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Just one reason we do what we do!

Meet the Fox’s

I met Gary, via Phone conversation last year around Thanksgiving!  He came as a referral from his son in law that I had never met but had just finished an engagement ring for just one year earlier.  He was very nice and already very confident in my ability to help him with the sweet and daunting task of gifting his wife her “dream ring”.  What a pleasure it was, taking the very diamond Gary had worked so hard to put on Sandy’s finger, and working it into the ring that represented how far they had come together spiritually, financially, and even stylistically.  I worked closely with Sandra via many emails and phone conversations to put together all the small pieces she knew she wanted and work them into what she had never seen!  At the end of the process we all gained a beautiful gift. This blog is all about introducing you to a side of fine jewelry that you didn’t know: the intimate and personal representation, the beauty and elegance, and the joy of your personality pouring out of each and every thing you do.

From the client:

Gary and I met on the third day of freshman orientation week at Penn State. On the first two days, my roommate and I ate dinner in the dining hall (which we shared with the guys’ dorm across the street) with other girls from our dorm hall. When we got back to our room after the second night, my roommate threw her purse down on her bed and said, “We’re never going to meet any men this way.” So, on the third night, she set out to find us some men. I followed her through the dining hall, food tray in hand. She spotted Gary and his roommate at a table and whispered, “There are a couple of prospects.”  We sat down to eat with them and then went to an outdoor concert together. Gary asked me out the following night. We dated through our four years of college and got engaged at Christmas of our senior year. Gary saved the money from his summer jobs to buy me a beautiful solitaire engagement ring. We were married during the summer after graduation and started our married life in West Virginia. The next thirty-three years brought us three wonderful children, two fantastic sons-in-law, and two precious granddaughters. Gary decided that he’d like to get me a nicer ring, but I did not want to give up my original diamond, so we turned to Lindsay with Giador Fine Jewelry, who had made our daughter’s beautiful engagement ring. Lindsay’s a great listener, and she designed a lovely three-stone ring, using my original stone. The ring is perfect, not too flashy, yet beautiful from every angle. Gary had given me an anniversary band one year, and it did not match my new ring, so we called Lindsay again. She used the diamonds from the anniversary band to make Gary a great new wedding band. To me, the rings represent the success of our lives together to this point, and the promise of a bright future with the love of my life and best friend.

-Sandra Fox

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“paint me perfectly delicate” malachite earrings

Malachite studs set on yellow gold posts with screw backs.  The perfect alternative to the expected and well respected pearl!

client cost- $85.00

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Congrats to Dial and Sloan!

We are so excited to celebrate the engagment of our friends Dial and Sloan! May life be full of blessings and joy-

Check out the timeless elegance of the tapered baguette setting with the sassy class that the step cut baguettes coupled with the brilliant rounds in the matching band have to offer. Perfectly reflecting the soul of the lovely Dial, the hand that they sparkle upon.  Top it all off with a sentimental stone oozing with some Abernathy soul.

We can’t wait to see the pictures of soon to be Mr. and Mrs. Abernathy!!!!!

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Right Hand Ring

This 1920’s-1930 art deco cocktail ring explains it all!  Set in platinum with one modified square cut sapphire and surrounded by approx. 1.25cts old cut side stones (H-I), this could have been hiding in your family treasure chest!

client cost $5100.00

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I wanna “Rock with you” bangle

18kt yellow gold diamond fashion bangle set with approx 16cts in fine quality round brilliant diamonds, this bracelet makes you want to wear your sunday best to the grocery store JUST so you can rock it!-

client cost $9,100.00

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