Heirloom Generation

There once was a time when women, no matter their status, adorned themselves in suits that flattered, show stopping pumps, and lips and eyes that flirted.  A time when furniture was a statement that lasted forever, and jewelry was the most prized possession. A time when craftsmen poured hours over a bench creating each and every filigree leaf, deliberately setting each and every delicate stone to tell a story.

Now fast forward to the throwaway years – a generation that buys cardboard furniture on credit only to watch it fall apart by the time the debt’s been paid, or clothing that lasts barely a season – And jewelry made cheap to look expensive covered in tiny stones to hide the lack of craftsmanship and personality that comes with actual metal work and tasteful design. It’s so sad to watch as things try so hard to be the “hip new thing”, that they never learn how to be timeless.

Proudly, I announce that we are slowly stepping back in time and adapting to the idea of making whatever we choose to spend our hard earned dollar on, both a personal reflection, and a treasure to hold on to and pass down to our figurative future family.

I’m thrilled to serve my clients with the idea that the jewelry we make or find should be a direct representation of whom it will adorn!  Engagement rings, pendants, and earrings that will make it to the finger of your figurative  daughter in law, onto the necks and wrists of grand daughters and grandsons, along with the story of the moment that very piece represents.  Do you love vintage filigree and deco design?  Or are you simple and clean lines?  My love is creating the perfect piece or seeking out a vintage bauble that you feel naked without!   It doesn’t take much to imagine a time when we only buy what we love and treasure it to be passed down and adored by another generation in another time.  I welcome you to The Heirloom Generation…..

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