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Sincerely, I flatter you….

We all know the old tried and true saying…”imitation is the sincerest form of flattery”.  Today’s estate find confirms our second old adage, “the proof is in the pudding”!  As I hunt for inspiration under all kind of varying rocks, I find that I am quite obsessed with a not so new design of ring, necklace, earring…today, in particular, we discuss the bezel set ring.

Simple, clean, modern lines and an incredible playing field for mixing in quirky, classic, edgy bands of all kinds.  The low bezel set engagement ring must appeal to my love affair with mid century modern.  Boasting incredibly innovative and edgy design with such simple packaging is a breath of fresh air to the modern take on jewelry……bedazzled, covered (I would use the word “dripping” but it sounds too pretty and decadent for the catastrophe that is modern jewelry) in tiny heavily included mucky diamonds around every nook and cranny of an icky imagination lacking design.  Don’t get me wrong, I love bling….and halo’s and pave shanks have their place.  It seems though, lately, it’s more the “what I lack in style, I make up in…….bling” approach is being eaten up with a side of ranch dressing.  Even Tiffany, a pioneer in simple clean line jewelry with style and class, has added double and triple halos around a tiny chicklet center stone so beer budgets can indulge in a glass of stella artois.

THERE IS REDEMPTION!!!!!!!  THERE IS HOPE!!!  This is the exact reason I found my passion for jewelry lying among the rubble of dirty old estate pieces, just waiting for a shine!!!!

Lately, as I dig, I often find bezels to be a nice little surprise here and there and while they are called “modern” they are far from it.

They are a vintage beauty with modern appeal….no reinventing the wheel here.  However, with something so great, who says it needs reinventing?  Kudos bezel…you did it….you were gorgeous and unique then and still turning heads now!

Enjoy this gorgeous 1910’s old mine cut bezel set stone with a killer inner scalloped head and filigree on the side.

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I’m in the mood for LOVE

Well well, I cannot lie….I put my Christmas tree up before Thanksgiving, DONT HATE!  There is something so special and addicting to me about the Christmas season.  Perhaps it’s because of the many traditions instilled from a childhood likened to leave it to beaver.  Whatever planted the seed and watered it, I am grateful for the magic I get to dance around in for 2 short but glorious months.  What does that have to do with the tea in china or the tiny sweet baby Jesus in a manger????  Christmas brings about a season of assessment, a taking of inventory of one’s entire life.  Which leads many people to my cute little shop.  We see more Love and Hope and are inspired to act.  I had the glorious blessing of helping 2 clients this month.  Two very special clients whom were also enchanted by the planting of the seed of tradition and family.

Meet, CT and Wendy….  

This beautiful couple came to me a few months earlier to discuss the task of taking a gorgeous 3 carat family diamond, and setting it in a home that would appropriately reflect Wendy’s genuine, sweet, elegant and demure nature.

Vintage inspired filigree and diamond setting for clients heirloom diamond

CT excitedly picked up is custom baby on Tuesday, just one day prior to hitting the road for Thanksgiving and to surprise his precious Wendy.  Among family, including the very grandmother that had passed down the heirloom diamond, she excitedly said yes!

Meet Travis and Rebekah

Travis came to me with his grandmother’s three stone ring.  He wanted the ring to be reflective of Rebekah, classic with edge, while incorporating and laying a foundation of tradition and family.  We took the best of both worlds….we married classic and maintained the vintage side from where the ring came from and to represent Rebekah’s edgy side!  I couldn’t be more thrilled!  Such a blessing to be a part of more than just a ring….we’s makin jewelry with soul!

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And it lived to tell the tale


Gorgeous vintage platinum setting with ornate details set with a 1.16ct european cut center stone, (J color, VS2 clarity). Available for purchase- CLIENT PRICE 5750.00

This gorgeous one of a kinder seeks her soulmate!  Not just any soul will do.  Must be gentle and kind, multi-faceted and creative.  Perfectly delicate.  For nothing less would be fitting for such a work of art!

Available for purchase!

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He lovingly calls her Maggie…….

Do you ever find yourself seeing the “emotion” in the pieces we so carefully and lovingly adorn ourselves with?  Do you ever wonder why we do it?  Well, as discussed in a past blog of fury on how people conduct themselves in business, my personal and private person…the very soul of who I am is imprinted on Giador Fine Jewelry.  So it’s only fitting that we focus so intently on NOT THE DOLLAR, NOT THE SIZE, the special lady or man that is the muse and motivation for the gift we are giving.  You can tell alot about me simply by my haircut, or my blue suede shoes….EVEN the color of lipstick I choose AND especially, my ring!  Knowing that..I watch, listen, and learn then create.

Her name is Maggie, and I haven’t met her yet.  Although, I have seen the heart of the man that adores her.  He came as a referral, as the majority of my clients for the last 6 years have.  He sat across from me and gushed about how special and cool his Maggie was, the school teacher with style.  We poured over intricate and different designs and he grew more and more excited.  I left him with a few favorite options to chew over.  A few days and emails later, he said “I love the swirly one, I think I am ready to do this.  I am. I am. I am.”.  Today, he came in and I could see the look of mostly excitement and partial anxiety. I showed him the ring, which I describe as a magical forest of whimsical princesses.  Elated, he says over and over again how his Maggie will love it.  I agreed.  As we finished and I gave him the goods, he asked…so sweetly “can I hug you?”.  We hugged, he left…I smiled….and 4 minutes later received an email….”I cant get the smile off my face”.  Someday, soon…I will meet the muse that inspired the ring that represents the love the boy feels for the whimsical kindergarten teacher.  Just a good day on the job.  The END.

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Paint yourself in shades of blue…

Fit for a queenAnd I don’t mean seasonal depression!!!  As Christmas nears and I pull out the best gift ideas I have, I find myself digging into one bag quite frequently.  That bag comes in the richest most regal shades of blue.  While gemstones are sometimes hard to swallow, as discussed in previous post that women’s moods change like the wind, how then can you expect to be in the same color mood every day???  However, sapphire, aqua, even turquoise have more to offer than even there distant diamond cousin.  While we aren’t all in love with draping ourselves in sapphire a’la mode…..I am about to sway your thoughts of “color isnt for me”!  I liken this path I am on to the maturity of seeing colored stones, not as inferior to what we all naturally deem as the undeniable crowned jewel, the diamond.  As we go through our own mistakes, successes and growth it brings us to the table of understanding….where every thing is laid before us and we respond by taking account and altering the path to represent a more desirable feast for next time.  We quickly find the beauty in the path less traveled, the stone less obvious, the style less mass marketed, and eek out a path of options…colors…..emotion.  We aren’t all diamonds……

I find myself daily growing more and more comfortable and drenched in my own knowledge, style, and taste for the fine.  My palette grows more particular in what it will indulge in and wisdom pours in from all forms of inspiration and mentors so that it may overflow into each and every one of you.  So let us keep it short and sweet……enjoy my babies….my favorites….as I so enjoy sharing all that I have and all that I am with you.  [slideshow]

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European and mine cuts

Unfailing romance

Round is classic, Old cuts are classy.  At a glance, you might confuse one for the other but they are far from the same….and for this vintage gal, European cut and Old Mine Cut diamonds are top notch!

Ok, so maybe I am biased and maybe my “black and white, Audrey Hepburn” state of mind is on the verge of favortism to Vintagism.  It doesn’t go unwarranted.  I have stated before and am under no illusion that vintage is NOT for everyone, and THAT is precisely why I have my secret weapon custom designer pistol in my holster.  But, when that client comes in and I pick up the scent of organic, ornate, or straight up vintage I admit my heart gets to pumpin.  Soooo, what is all this talk about European and Mine Cut vs Round??????

The old Mine Cut dates back to the early 18th century and each stone was as original as the hands of the cutter.  Without the convenience of modern day precision cutting machines, these stones were left to the hand that cut them and each one in turn had a distinct look, no one the same.  These beauties are known for their irregular perimeter often cushion or squarish, an open culet (the diamonds point) and smaller table.  They are lovingly called rolly polly and by the modern standard might be considered a lesser stone…though estate jewelry junkies know the truth and that each stone is a delightful representation of the perfect imperfection of a stone, much like the hand it sits on.  Each detail working together to create a stunning and romantic center to the intricate band that frames it.  These stones often carry a bit more color and appear less dizzying in the facet arrangement rather carrying more warmth, and in my opinion, more romance to the stone.  They are perfect for the client that cares to have a “piece” rather than a “center stone”, each having their rightful place with their respective dreamer.  As cutting advanced and diamond saws became both more popular and more readily available, stones evolved into a more round calibrated cut, more sparkle, and more facets.  This era birthed the transition cut called European cut, maintaining the cut culet feature while transitioning to a much larger table and less depth giving them the appearance of being much larger than their true carat weight might suggest.  i have an equal fascination and love for these little precious’.  There is an unspoken elegance and understated richness to these stones even when the rules we are so fond of don’t fit, THE FOUR C’s.

Can I just go off for a minute and explain that while that is a great starting point and leveling of the playing field…it is by no means the end all be all and I teach my clients that their needs require a different rule book.  For example, European cut stones tend to hold their color in their body (bottom 1/3) and face up (table) sparkling white.  Allowing you to dip much lower on the modern color scale without batting an eye, and I am a color snob.  This is where I teach the most important rule….LET THE DIAMOND DO THE TALKING!!!  For it has happened, several times, that a client used the four c’s to request his stones and I respectfully gave him options in his set parameters then asked him to trust me and threw in a curve ball…..the stone that didn’t exactly meet what he presumed to be top choice and most acceptable by modern rulings, undoubtedly out shines it’s self proclaimed superior.  Seeing is believing and trusting outside yourself sometimes brings home the gold, pun intended!

Dealing in these pretty little babies often requires a smidgen of luck.  Ya see, in finding the perfect modern round brilliant, I simply assess need, budget, want, then pull from thousands of perfectly calibrated stones for your choosing, varying in color, cut, and clarity allowing for budget.  Estate requires perfect timing and lately, seems to happen more than you might think.  It also allows us to sometimes do extraordinary things on a tighter budget or even just because YOU DONT HAVE TO BREAK THE BANK TO GET SOMETHING INCREDIBLE.  Yep, I said it, and my job is to sell things.  What is the moral of this story?????  I love old cuts and though you aren’t familiar, and though they don’t fit in a box…….you might love them too 😉  Please enjoy my goodies below, most are in house and looking for a suitable throne/finger to take her rightful place; some are merely obsessions!


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A new attitude…..breathing life into the dead!

marquise, yellow gold, cluster rings,……….all the thing!  Ballerina rings from the 80’s are truly one of the few pieces worthy of a hand slapping consequence, the older, the golder, the chunkier the better and what is “almost weird” is “absolutely perfect”!  So many of us frown at the mention of marquise cuts and even OVALS!!! “Shame on you” would be fitting, but I can’t blame you, for seeing is believing!!!  So today…I hope to overturn  our current “it’s gold, take it and sell it to a skeezy gold buyer” and “only a round diamond will do” attitude!!!

Marquise and ovals- Yucky huh……or NOT AT ALL!!!  The traditional setting for marquise and the horrible 80’s and 90’s custerful designs laid ugly names to undeserving stones.  While the look of the slender bodies coming to either a soft or harsh point at either end isn’t a look for everyone, that doesn’t mean it can’t be used in a way that no other stone quite could!  It’s all in imagination and execution.  Such as, turning a stone east to west to make it a “piece” instead of a center stone focused ring.  They can be elegant and clean, or modern and edgy.  After 5 years of being submerged in diamonds and gold, I had yet to find a ring that belonged on my finger and questioned even wanting a center stone at all.  Then it happened and an oval got flipped on its side and coupled with the clean vintage pave setting hugged by 2 completely different stackable bands; adding the intricate details that made it spectacular.  Since then I have used this approach with a few brides-to-be that had yet to be “inspired”.  We take something unexpected and make it rare and cool all the while making it work, not just now, for years to come!!!



As you see……beauty is in the eye of the beholder and the mind of the creative!!!!  So now that you know you are free to venture outside of the box……DO IT!

And while you are at it….go on an pull out your mom’s old yellow gold cluster rings, even the dreaded ballerina ring from the 80’s and early 90’s can play the part and win fashion’s cold hard heart!!!  Now, don’t get me wrong… can all be done real wrong.  Lately, I find myself being drawn to my estate dealer’s chunky, golden, clustered masterpieces!  They are incredible statement pieces and a fabulous intro into the world of fine jewelry.  They are sitting in jewelry boxes waiting to be loved and rediscovered.  Here are some of my favorites!  Find them, love them!!!!

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You Look So Good In Love….


The day was momentous.  And while the true blue baptists might turn up their nose to the notion of getting married anywhere but God’s house… God had touched every part of that Saturday and He wept with joy and kissed the head of the bride and groom.  I saw Him more than once at our makeshift church house at the top of the hill on county line road.
The day centered around the old oak tree at the corner of the pasture where the pecan and fruit orchard begins.  The numbers 10-01-2011 carved in.  Our love for trees was put in us first by a fear… The fear of what my father would do if we broke a branch off of one of his beloved trees… Or hit the trunk with a baseball bat… The usual destructive kid behaviors .  Our dad loved his trees and as we grew up, that fear became a love for the beautiful buddlings dad so caringly planted and nurtured.   “So that tree stood tall at the center of it all and what a sight it did see.”

The guests poured in around 4:15, walking through the pasture and carefully watching not to step in the little gifts left behind by the cattle in attendance.  They stopped at the gift table and dropped a card in the vintage birdcage or laid a gift in the old trunk beside the vanity where photos and family delicates gently lain.  The traditional guest book replaced by a camera, and chalkboards to write your message to the bride ‘n groom.   As the guests walked through the front yard, riddled with tables and simple organic decorations, how could  they have known that just a handful of minutes before we’d all: brothers sisters, moms and dads, aunts and uncles, cousins and friends, been scurrying like squirrels preparing for their arrival.    They made their way down the curved gravel road, usually leading you to Rick and Donna’s Dream house on the hill, that lead to a peaceful corner of the pasture.  Greeted by two galvanized tubs atop old tree stumps and filled to the brim with burlap bags full of popcorn (details later) and the secrets to the little special details as well as the words to the “daniel and tosha” song.  Vintage Ball jars containing a single white hydrangea directed your eyes to the front of the make-shift red dirt and pasture aisle where 2 old wooden church pews mirrored one another, thoughtfully reserved for the family.  The beautiful spray of white roses and greens nestled in as a gorgeous accent to the back of the pews, arranged by the lovely Katherine Gomez with the help of Aunt Shirley (this was far from the only detail touched by their hands…their creative fingertips left their prints everywhere).


At 5:00 the filler music stopped (including the accidental bear skin condom commercial, thanks to Pandora ;-), “How long do you wanna be loved” escorted the parents and grandparents down the aisle and into their pew, “is forever enough, is forever enough”.  The bridesmaids could have skipped down the aisle to “If I was a flower growing wild and free, all I’d want is you to be my sweet honey bee”.  Around the corner the mule drawn carriage, lead by Glenn and Thurman Sturgell, jingled and jangled and made its way to deliver a bride to her groom in waiting!  My dad and I were waiting, helped her down straightened the dress and jewelry and with  a quick hug, off I go.  The music faded as I took my place beside that old oak tree, and The Righteous Brothers quickly closed the gap and pushed Tosh and dad into motion.  The very song that ended in a promise to meet at this very place, welcomed a Tosha that had never been more beautiful…practically floating toward us.  Daniel, the groom, put up a good fight against the emotion….it never completely won as he choked it back.  “Waited all my life for you to be, standing there right next to me……..My chest is full of butterflies,  but baby they’re the I love you kind”.  It was short and sweet and ended with the bride and groom riding away on their wagon.

The guests made their way to meats and cheeses, homemade ice cream and fixins, with the Brooks’ legendary cherry, blackberry, and peach cobblers!  

Tosh and Daniel made their entrance, cut into Aunt Shirley’s famous chocolate mousse cake and through each and every warm greeting NOW as husband and wife.  Guests left behind pictures with their messages written on chalk boards and a shower of gifts as the night ended early with a popcorn farewell to the bride and groom and a cloud of dust as they drove away.

The blessings and light of the day were just within reach of a dear friend and her family  mourning the loss of her grandmother.  Anothers’ father was in his last stages of Lou Gehrig’s disease and was fighting just to breathe his last breaths only to give up the fight one week from the day later.  Through babies being born and lives being joined… God gave the hurt and the joy, life and death and we felt it all.

As the sun went down on County Line Road, you never would have known all the dropped balls and frantic last minute fixes that led to the perfection that was.  God is Good, All the time.  

All the images captured were done in true fashion and with the creative hand of John Harris,  If you are in the market and in the TX vicinity…….do yourself a favor and book him!

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What can you do but love me?

The baby doll… set in platinum with one .89ct emerald cut H-I color and VS1 clarity, hugged by two straight cut baguettes.  The perfect example of true style unchanging!

Unfailing romance…..This beauty is from the early 1900's and while it doesn't have the glitz, it has all the glam! Set in 18kt white gold, after years and years of natural age and oxidation of the once sparkly white metal, the ring now takes on a warm golden hue with obvious soul. Set with a 2ct old European cut stone, this ring is not for the ordinary or faint of spirit……its a dark horse! The hand crafted setting implements beautiful lines and shows off with delicate multiple prongs almost creating the octagonal head and one single stone……nothing more is needed.

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Grandmas Treasure Chest

Lately I have had several clients come in with family stones passed down from grandparents, parents and even great grandparents.  While I make my living providing the perfect hand picked and highest quality diamond you can get, wink wink, it’s uplifting to see clients excited about a family heirloom and thrills me to be a part of introducing the old to the new and creating a piece that she will proudly show off and tell the story of how it came to be!  You have treasure right in your backyard…yes YOU!  Go home, sit down with a good ole cup of folgers and dig into your family history.  Take the time to ask about family heirlooms and listen to the story.  Dig through jewelry boxes, dust off cedar chests and see what’s buried in under your family tree!  Costume pieces are great for mingling with your delicate pave diamond cross and stackable rings, and remember GOLD GOES WITH EVERYTHING, including white metals.  Mix and match and rock the old!

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