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“do it”

This morning I woke beside my husband and my two precious fur babies, all cuddled in tight. I made the trek downstairs, where my phone now sleeps because it is muy importante to shut down, shut off, and let it lie (lesson learned after years of not knowing just how much anxiety those devices yield). I had missed a text from a friend, Giador fan and representative, Katie Anthony. I will spare you all the details but it was the brilliant words of a self made (but really we all know its really a God-made) millionaire man, Art Williams. Titled “do it”, I listened as he emphatically shared his passion for what got him and still keeps him at the top
1. Get excited
2. Become a dreamer, AGAIN!
3. You have to have a product that people want to buy
4. You have to know how to market that product.
5. STAND FOR SOMETHING- Moral and ethical unbreakable exceptional standard
6. Find your own unique offering, what sets you apart.
“They aint nobody ever designed a test or will design a test that can measure the heart of a man or woman. The things that are unique to winning in business in America today aren’t about IQ tests, it’s about a college degree on a piece of paper, whether you’re born rich or born poor, the key to winning is what’s inside a person; its your integrity, its your people abilities, your character and heart. There’s nothing you can’t do in America if you want to bad enough.”

WOAH……..(view whole speech here

I can’t tell you how proud we are, that at the end of the day, we were founded and are unwavering on these very points and because of that a month ago Giador was able to put on her big girl panties and take a giant step forward and into her very first OWNED space and the very last place she will ever call “home”. After many changes in Edgehill Village, like much of Nashville, being bought up and “changed to fit the new Nashville”, we were forced to make a move… Isn’t it funny how God shows up in those situations?  What seemed like a sad forced decision to move, actually changed our perspective from paying someone else’s mortgage to paying our own AND took us to the only place that felt right for who and what we are, the ever quaint city of Berry Hill. Sooooo, we stretched and worried and planned and prayed. We sweat, we bled, ripped out floors, tore down walls, dealt with less than upright builders, cried….ALOT…gutted through and here I am…. just over a month since we got the key (not finished but close enough), writing to you from my brand new office and occasionally looking out the window on our sweet little dogwood place. WE DID IT!!!!! Thanks to my husband and partner in life……he got us here and kept me going when it felt harder than it should and reminded me there was nothing we couldn’t do if we wanted it bad enough!

We have plenty of parking spaces, pull right up and choose a spot. We have warmth and kindness and a space that we can continue offering our exceptional service. We cannot wait for each and every one of you to come bless Giador’s forever home, 2815 Dogwood Place Nashville, TN 37204. Open house coming soon, but til then….heres a peek. Thank you thank you for being a part of our journey…you are all a very special and unique part of ours! Art has it figured out and somehow, by the grace of an incredible God and being raised right by street smart parents…..WE DO TOO!!!!

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“I heard it on the radio”

Soooo, yesterday was quite a day.  It started by an email from a client telling me he was sitting at a radio station listening to another client sing my praises on national radio.  Obviously, neither one knew the other had JUST been sitting in the same seat at the same little quaint jewelry shop in Edgehill Village!  This exact situation has repeated itself on several occasions this month and yesterday I had an Opra “aha moment”.

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Out with the Old and in with the…….OLDER

Today I said farewell to one of my favorite platinum and diamond baby doll engagement rings, a worthy admirer made the goodbye a joyful one!  As we say goodbye, we make room for the new pieces I have been playing hide and seek with.  From precious 50’s style hollywood floral arranged aquas to the large and in charge honeycomb ring and being bitten by yet another serpent….I fear this is only the beginning of our serpent love affair!  If you love a piece, don’t be shy!  We are here to provide pieces to oogle over, education AND a place to satisfy the addiction we have created. And while we love being the best kept secret…..we really love finding homes for each and every jewel baby!  So spread the word, Sing from the rooftops, plant the seed.  Enjoy!

Gorgeous marquise aquamarine and diamonds perfectly arranged into delicate flower- client cost 850.00

14kt yellow gold hand made serpent ring, 1.5" wide with old mine cut and ruby accent stones CLIENT PRICE 925.00

Two tone gold and diamond statement ring- CLIENT PRICE 980.00

Stunning free form 14kt yellow gold ring set with a fresh water pearl! CLIENT PRICE 765.00

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On the little things we cling to…our treasure will be found!

Monday morning……my mom’s most dreaded day of the week and there was a time when I shared in her sentiment.  A time when I dragged myself from the bed at 5:45 or …6:15am if I was really dragging.  Poured in the coffee then waited to come to life, well partially!  I went to an office, I worked hard and did “a job” well.  With every day I grew more restless, and with every Sunday came more anxiety for what I knew was coming next.  Part of my problem was holding on to the bad…… unaware that what you cling to will cling to you and color your path.  The other part…..I had yet to fall into my “place”, the place cut out for me to fit in perfectly and apply all of me to a specific service.

Years later, much learned, and continuously changing…Monday is full of little blessings. It seems my job, on most days, feels more like excitement and pride in not just providing a service…..rather,  being “of service” to people.  I am sitting at my desk listening to Nat King Cole spinning on the record player reading over a kind note from a recent client, thanking me and gushing over …..well, doing more than just a job.  Helping them with their dream ring and treating them like human beings.  Diamonds and gold are merely a platform for me to do the most basic of services, take joy and pleasure in being a part of your experience and offering you better….offering exactly what I would expect.  Each life that I get to touch, some more than others, always touches me in return.  Giador, the little shop that still remains a well kept secret to most,  is proudly serving and ever growing and grateful today and every day.  As I follow my every changing and evolving path, one thought will remain constant……I am, indeed, here to serve; as are you!  Many thanks to all of you reading that support, lift up, respect, and remain loyal….you are my treasure.

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You Look So Good In Love….


The day was momentous.  And while the true blue baptists might turn up their nose to the notion of getting married anywhere but God’s house… God had touched every part of that Saturday and He wept with joy and kissed the head of the bride and groom.  I saw Him more than once at our makeshift church house at the top of the hill on county line road.
The day centered around the old oak tree at the corner of the pasture where the pecan and fruit orchard begins.  The numbers 10-01-2011 carved in.  Our love for trees was put in us first by a fear… The fear of what my father would do if we broke a branch off of one of his beloved trees… Or hit the trunk with a baseball bat… The usual destructive kid behaviors .  Our dad loved his trees and as we grew up, that fear became a love for the beautiful buddlings dad so caringly planted and nurtured.   “So that tree stood tall at the center of it all and what a sight it did see.”

The guests poured in around 4:15, walking through the pasture and carefully watching not to step in the little gifts left behind by the cattle in attendance.  They stopped at the gift table and dropped a card in the vintage birdcage or laid a gift in the old trunk beside the vanity where photos and family delicates gently lain.  The traditional guest book replaced by a camera, and chalkboards to write your message to the bride ‘n groom.   As the guests walked through the front yard, riddled with tables and simple organic decorations, how could  they have known that just a handful of minutes before we’d all: brothers sisters, moms and dads, aunts and uncles, cousins and friends, been scurrying like squirrels preparing for their arrival.    They made their way down the curved gravel road, usually leading you to Rick and Donna’s Dream house on the hill, that lead to a peaceful corner of the pasture.  Greeted by two galvanized tubs atop old tree stumps and filled to the brim with burlap bags full of popcorn (details later) and the secrets to the little special details as well as the words to the “daniel and tosha” song.  Vintage Ball jars containing a single white hydrangea directed your eyes to the front of the make-shift red dirt and pasture aisle where 2 old wooden church pews mirrored one another, thoughtfully reserved for the family.  The beautiful spray of white roses and greens nestled in as a gorgeous accent to the back of the pews, arranged by the lovely Katherine Gomez with the help of Aunt Shirley (this was far from the only detail touched by their hands…their creative fingertips left their prints everywhere).


At 5:00 the filler music stopped (including the accidental bear skin condom commercial, thanks to Pandora ;-), “How long do you wanna be loved” escorted the parents and grandparents down the aisle and into their pew, “is forever enough, is forever enough”.  The bridesmaids could have skipped down the aisle to “If I was a flower growing wild and free, all I’d want is you to be my sweet honey bee”.  Around the corner the mule drawn carriage, lead by Glenn and Thurman Sturgell, jingled and jangled and made its way to deliver a bride to her groom in waiting!  My dad and I were waiting, helped her down straightened the dress and jewelry and with  a quick hug, off I go.  The music faded as I took my place beside that old oak tree, and The Righteous Brothers quickly closed the gap and pushed Tosh and dad into motion.  The very song that ended in a promise to meet at this very place, welcomed a Tosha that had never been more beautiful…practically floating toward us.  Daniel, the groom, put up a good fight against the emotion….it never completely won as he choked it back.  “Waited all my life for you to be, standing there right next to me……..My chest is full of butterflies,  but baby they’re the I love you kind”.  It was short and sweet and ended with the bride and groom riding away on their wagon.

The guests made their way to meats and cheeses, homemade ice cream and fixins, with the Brooks’ legendary cherry, blackberry, and peach cobblers!  

Tosh and Daniel made their entrance, cut into Aunt Shirley’s famous chocolate mousse cake and through each and every warm greeting NOW as husband and wife.  Guests left behind pictures with their messages written on chalk boards and a shower of gifts as the night ended early with a popcorn farewell to the bride and groom and a cloud of dust as they drove away.

The blessings and light of the day were just within reach of a dear friend and her family  mourning the loss of her grandmother.  Anothers’ father was in his last stages of Lou Gehrig’s disease and was fighting just to breathe his last breaths only to give up the fight one week from the day later.  Through babies being born and lives being joined… God gave the hurt and the joy, life and death and we felt it all.

As the sun went down on County Line Road, you never would have known all the dropped balls and frantic last minute fixes that led to the perfection that was.  God is Good, All the time.  

All the images captured were done in true fashion and with the creative hand of John Harris,  If you are in the market and in the TX vicinity…….do yourself a favor and book him!

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Pleasant words are as an honeycomb, sweet to the soul, and health to the bones.

About 3 weeks ago Nashville was hosting a large, private jewelry show and fortunate for me…the man behind the scenes, Mike Bulos, my jeweler was able to attend.  While sitting and talking with him and looking over all of his new and old designs, trays and trays of beautiful sparkly things elegantly and perfectly constructed top to bottom and underneath, I was faced with a flaw of mine as my jeweler bragged to his wife and others about how great a designer I was.  It seems there are a good few of us out there that are more comfortable with insults than compliments….you know us well.  In conversation someone says “you look great” or “wow, you are a really talented designer” and without missing a beat that same compliment is batted back and knocked out of the park never to be acknowledged much less able to land right in our own soil.  I tell myself, they don’t mean it or I just get plain embarrassed, whatever the case….THIS IS UGLIER than simply saying thank you and allowing that little seed to take root and grow.

When I first plunged into the fancy world of jewels and precious metals I saw myself as “just surviving”, learning everything I could from my mentor and business partner Kendall Moore.  Watching him handle clients with his glowing suave southern caress and knowing exactly what to say and most importantly how to LISTEN to each and every client.  I learned by digging into every detail job by job and client by client.  I never faked it, I simply baby stepped my way to where I am today.  The most important part of my job is to listen, and really hear what my clients say and turn that into what they want…often times when what they want is still a secret to even them!  I take each and every detail and roll it into one perfect representation, a love baby of all their wants and likes! Sometimes manifesting itself in an altered custom piece or something from scratch and SOMETIMES seeking out that perfect little baby-doll of an estate piece.  It is a very special part of my job and I often brush off how important this has been for the growth of Giador Fine Jewelry.  I realized, in that conversation with a highly respected colleague and best jeweler I have ever know, that just because I don’t sit at my desk with a sketch pad and pencil that doesn’t make me any less a designer.  So the next time someone calls me a designer, or simply compliments one of my God given talents….I will reach out and grab it and put it safely in my pocket and hold onto it and cherish it on days when I don’t feel it and cant remember it……its like reaching into your freshly washed jeans half way through the day and finding a 5 dollar bill. Thank you dear family,friends, clients, peers for speaking to my soul and giving health to my bones

Pleasant words are as an honeycomb, sweet to the soul, and health to the bones.

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What can you do but love me?

The baby doll… set in platinum with one .89ct emerald cut H-I color and VS1 clarity, hugged by two straight cut baguettes.  The perfect example of true style unchanging!

Unfailing romance…..This beauty is from the early 1900's and while it doesn't have the glitz, it has all the glam! Set in 18kt white gold, after years and years of natural age and oxidation of the once sparkly white metal, the ring now takes on a warm golden hue with obvious soul. Set with a 2ct old European cut stone, this ring is not for the ordinary or faint of spirit……its a dark horse! The hand crafted setting implements beautiful lines and shows off with delicate multiple prongs almost creating the octagonal head and one single stone……nothing more is needed.

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Minor face lift and WE ARE BACK


Hellllo and welcome to the constantly improving Giador Fine Jewelry, a little shop located in the heart of Nashville’s own little neighborhood gem, Edgehill Village.  We specialize in all things fine including old, new, custom, blue, and everything in between.  We joined forces and share the space with JA Roth Estate Buyers, offering you a one stop shop to buy, sell, trade, or rework your old and new baubles.  John, owner of JA Roth Estate Buyers, has been earning the respect of the jewelry industry as well as his clients for over 20 years and is my own personal learning tool.  With his approachable demeanor and laid back tone, you can’t help but feel comfortable passing down your prized jewels to him.

The vibe of the shop fits right along with our simple and relatable buying guide backed by layers of class and personal love for the art of expressing your inward appearance in all you do: jewelry, decor, style!  So next time you are out and about beebop into Edgehill Village then follow the nostalgia of vinyl tunes into our bauble room!  We welcome new people to play show-and- tell with our incredible one of a kind finds!

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toss and a’turnin all night

“The mind of the superior man is conversant with righteousness; the mind of the mean man is conversant with gain.”

“There is one and only one responsibility of business-to use its resources and engage in activities designed to increase its profits so long as it stays within the rules of the game.”

The ability to close a deal or make the sale DOES NOT make a great businessman when all means of manipulation, coercion, and steamrolling are the tools by which it was achieved.   Who we are in business is at depth who we are as people.  I could not lay my head down and sleep had I knowingly manipulated a friend, shouldn’t it be the same with a trusting client or associate?  I am of an old school way of thinking… it goes……build a business on ethics, be smart and diligent and treat EVERYONE honestly and carefully because you are blessed to even have the opportunity.  We are so wrapped up in the ideal that closing a deal with any and all means necessary deems success…….that, my friends, is the demise of businesses everywhere.

During one of the greatest economic downturns our country has seen,  I sat back in my office that I rented for 750.00 and worked just a little bit harder to keep the phones ringing and clients coming in the door; while several large name jewelry stores closed their doors.  I didn’t pinch more money out of clients, or use less than ethical means of getting the deal….I simply worked harder, worked closer, spent nothing and provided what we all really want: to be treated with genuine care while providing a superior product.  Quite a novel idea huh?  So here it is……live stronger, be more kind, talk straighter, sleep better and let who you are in all manners of living be reflected righteously! dig?

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