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Sincerely, I flatter you….

We all know the old tried and true saying…”imitation is the sincerest form of flattery”.  Today’s estate find confirms our second old adage, “the proof is in the pudding”!  As I hunt for inspiration under all kind of varying rocks, I find that I am quite obsessed with a not so new design of ring, necklace, earring…today, in particular, we discuss the bezel set ring.

Simple, clean, modern lines and an incredible playing field for mixing in quirky, classic, edgy bands of all kinds.  The low bezel set engagement ring must appeal to my love affair with mid century modern.  Boasting incredibly innovative and edgy design with such simple packaging is a breath of fresh air to the modern take on jewelry……bedazzled, covered (I would use the word “dripping” but it sounds too pretty and decadent for the catastrophe that is modern jewelry) in tiny heavily included mucky diamonds around every nook and cranny of an icky imagination lacking design.  Don’t get me wrong, I love bling….and halo’s and pave shanks have their place.  It seems though, lately, it’s more the “what I lack in style, I make up in…….bling” approach is being eaten up with a side of ranch dressing.  Even Tiffany, a pioneer in simple clean line jewelry with style and class, has added double and triple halos around a tiny chicklet center stone so beer budgets can indulge in a glass of stella artois.

THERE IS REDEMPTION!!!!!!!  THERE IS HOPE!!!  This is the exact reason I found my passion for jewelry lying among the rubble of dirty old estate pieces, just waiting for a shine!!!!

Lately, as I dig, I often find bezels to be a nice little surprise here and there and while they are called “modern” they are far from it.

They are a vintage beauty with modern appeal….no reinventing the wheel here.  However, with something so great, who says it needs reinventing?  Kudos bezel…you did it….you were gorgeous and unique then and still turning heads now!

Enjoy this gorgeous 1910’s old mine cut bezel set stone with a killer inner scalloped head and filigree on the side.

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Who counted only seven wonders of the world????

Because I have had several in my position and today is no exception!  Can I just tell you that these pieces I am about to post are so magical I haven’t stopped thinking about them. I want to run through the streets sharing the secret that few know.  If you are reading this, consider yourself one of the lucky few.  I have never seen pieces like some of what you are about to see….EVER!  Lets talk about each one and take you on a magical journey from the 1800’s to now, follow the yellow brick road

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Out with the Old and in with the…….OLDER

Today I said farewell to one of my favorite platinum and diamond baby doll engagement rings, a worthy admirer made the goodbye a joyful one!  As we say goodbye, we make room for the new pieces I have been playing hide and seek with.  From precious 50’s style hollywood floral arranged aquas to the large and in charge honeycomb ring and being bitten by yet another serpent….I fear this is only the beginning of our serpent love affair!  If you love a piece, don’t be shy!  We are here to provide pieces to oogle over, education AND a place to satisfy the addiction we have created. And while we love being the best kept secret…..we really love finding homes for each and every jewel baby!  So spread the word, Sing from the rooftops, plant the seed.  Enjoy!

Gorgeous marquise aquamarine and diamonds perfectly arranged into delicate flower- client cost 850.00

14kt yellow gold hand made serpent ring, 1.5" wide with old mine cut and ruby accent stones CLIENT PRICE 925.00

Two tone gold and diamond statement ring- CLIENT PRICE 980.00

Stunning free form 14kt yellow gold ring set with a fresh water pearl! CLIENT PRICE 765.00

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Show me your pearly whites!

I must admit, I am not really a pearl girl!  But everything has its perfect place and I am happy to share with you a couple of killer finds!

Lets start with the Ruser freshwater masterpiece.  Ruser was best known for their creation of figural pieces centered on the ornate shape of natural freshwater pearls usually fashioned along side 18kt yellow gold and diamonds.  This piece spoke to my heart with its large and in charge elegance.  The surprise of the flattened awkward shape of the pearls almost forces you to question your past judgements on these beautiful oyster birthed gems!  The textured gold makes for an elegant understated frame.  

Crosses have long since been a staple to our jewelry collection especially in the Victorian era!  This gorgeous yellow gold and blue enamel cross set with a couple of old cut accent stones has earned the right to revive itself and even bring out the edge in a simple strand of pearls.  Layering changes everything.  Georgeous!

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