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Well well, I cannot lie….I put my Christmas tree up before Thanksgiving, DONT HATE!  There is something so special and addicting to me about the Christmas season.  Perhaps it’s because of the many traditions instilled from a childhood likened to leave it to beaver.  Whatever planted the seed and watered it, I am grateful for the magic I get to dance around in for 2 short but glorious months.  What does that have to do with the tea in china or the tiny sweet baby Jesus in a manger????  Christmas brings about a season of assessment, a taking of inventory of one’s entire life.  Which leads many people to my cute little shop.  We see more Love and Hope and are inspired to act.  I had the glorious blessing of helping 2 clients this month.  Two very special clients whom were also enchanted by the planting of the seed of tradition and family.

Meet, CT and Wendy….  

This beautiful couple came to me a few months earlier to discuss the task of taking a gorgeous 3 carat family diamond, and setting it in a home that would appropriately reflect Wendy’s genuine, sweet, elegant and demure nature.

Vintage inspired filigree and diamond setting for clients heirloom diamond

CT excitedly picked up is custom baby on Tuesday, just one day prior to hitting the road for Thanksgiving and to surprise his precious Wendy.  Among family, including the very grandmother that had passed down the heirloom diamond, she excitedly said yes!

Meet Travis and Rebekah

Travis came to me with his grandmother’s three stone ring.  He wanted the ring to be reflective of Rebekah, classic with edge, while incorporating and laying a foundation of tradition and family.  We took the best of both worlds….we married classic and maintained the vintage side from where the ring came from and to represent Rebekah’s edgy side!  I couldn’t be more thrilled!  Such a blessing to be a part of more than just a ring….we’s makin jewelry with soul!

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