Everyone loves that perfect sweater, pair of boots, staple piece of jewelry… know, the one that you slide into and feel like you.  The one that tells all your secrets to anyone pilfering through your closet.  So what if you AREN’T a “diamond girl”??!!!!


What if you are the owner of a quaint little gem of a jewelry shop AND you aren’t a diamond girl???????  Well then I guess that makes you, well….you!

I remember when I finally dug through the antique potato chip bucket (most of you have no idea what I am talking about, but yes…..potato chips used to come in a large kentucky fried chicken bucket with a lid!!!!) of antique costume and silver jewelry from my great grandparents.  I had dug through it many times throughout my snoopy childhood but this time, at 20, it was different.  I fell in love. photo I saw myself in two small bangles…one- simple thin, half round with gorgeous native etchings… favorite-the gorgeous dark green and brown turquoise piece situated atop the tapered hand engraved bangle.  I later added another simple pattern locking bangle for the perfect 3.  Come rain or shine… see me in them, they go with everything because they go with me.  Just like the petite diamond cross first gifted by my mom and dad on my 18th Christmas and the new organic east to west cross.

What’s the point?  Well……who says diamonds are a girls best friend?  Maybe you like quartz or sapphire!  Who says white gold or platinum is classic?  Gold, rose gold, black gold….whatever you wear is perfect!  So today, we invite you to rethink your opinion of diamond bracelets, as we put our spin on an everyday relatable and affordable “spoil yourself” option!

Today’s feature is a 14kt yellow gold brushed bangle with pave set round diamonds.  Wear it by itself or with your favorite watch or silver bangle.  It’s perfectly delicate and feels so good.  DSCN2965

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